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False Advertising

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April 9, 2014 at 11:15pm

I wanna lodge a complaint.  There is false advertisements on the 11W site.  I clicked on the link expecting to find what was advertised and not one of the items were what they claimed.  What am I talking about you ask? Well.

Where the hell are the Transparent Bikinis?  I expected a page of women modeling a new line of see thru beach wear and I am sorry to say, there was nothing close.  I feel cheated.  The Heroin addiction ad shows valid programs, Asian Dating has real girls to buy, er, date, and even T-shirts for that shitty team up north with colors of Puke and Blew show buyable articles to wear.   Now I have to think of another gift.  Gotta go shopping, guess Victoria Secret gets my business.  LOL.

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