Toledo Deletes Shrek Mascot Tweet Like Cowards

By D.J. Byrnes on April 24, 2018 at 12:32 pm

UPDATE (3:26 p.m.):  Toledo deleted the Shrek tweet around 100K RTs, because this world is fraudulent and DreamWorks owns the rights to the troll we love to know.

From The Toledo Blade:

“The tweet was meant to be fun, but it caused too much of a distraction,” Christine Billau, media relations specialist at UT, said in an email.

Times must be tough at the University of Toledo as young people continue to flee Lucas County in droves.

To reach the youths, the university is talking to them in their native language of cartoon memes. Toledo says it will change its mascot from "Rocky the Rocket" to Shrek if their account receives 500,000 RTs.

Rockets, as far as mascots go, aren't the best but they're certainly not the worst. I'm not sure Shrek would even be an improvement. Alas.

The campaign is a little over an hour old as of this writing. It has amassed 5.6K retweets. 

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