Florida State's Social Media Team Unleashes the Most Baffling Countdown Graphic of All Time

By Kevin Harrish on July 29, 2019 at 9:23 pm
That certainly does not add up.

If countdown graphics are the life blood of any college football team's twitter account during the offseason, Florida State is dying a painful death.

Behold, perhaps the most mind-bending countdown graphic of all time.

That's... creative.

I screencapped the Tweet instead of embedding it directly because I assume it will be deleted at some point, but since it's up eight hours later, there's a strong chance they're just going to let it ride.

(Edit: They finally deleted it after over 10 hours)

If you're massively confused, you're certainly not alone.

After reading through the replies, I'm fairly confident it's supposed to refer to Florida State's fall camp beginning in four days, but that doesn't explain the perplexing inclusion of a player wearing No. 15, poorly photoshopped into the sky above like Kirin J Callinan in the famous Big Enough music video.


Incredibly, this isn't even the worst graphic that's been tweeted from that account this offseason, because this one has a lead that I pray to God is insurmountable:


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