Mark Richt Abruptly Retires from Miami, Next Coach to Receive Coaching Turnover Chain

By Johnny Ginter on December 30, 2018 at 1:04 pm
*sad Charlie Brown music*
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There's a lot of jokes for me to choose from here, but what really makes me laugh is the idea that southern coaches hate playing in the north so much that if they lose they tend to want to quit to make sure they never have to do it again (and yes, I'm aware that Richt is from Nebraska, I just don't care).

Anyway, Mark Richt has carried on that fine tradition by getting the hell out of dodge almost immediately after getting blown out by Wisconsin in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (held on the beaches of sunny New York City) 35-3.

Richt had said after the bowl that "changes needed to be made inside the football program" (according to the Miami Herald), and apparently that meant him. Props to Mark for taking a true leadership role in abdicating said leadership.

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