Brady Hoke: "No Question" Suspended Wide Receiver Csont'e York is Still With Program

By D.J. Byrnes on August 14, 2014 at 12:35 pm

In the above video, Michigan sophomore wide receiver Csont'e York (in the bucket hat), can be seen eyeing a man up, checking for any present security, and then uncorking a hellacious right hook on an unsuspecting victim. According to a witness, the argument started on the merits of football and hockey.

The straight sucker punch left the victim with a jaw broken in three places that had to be wired shut.

According to Michigan's football coach, however, Csont'e York is suspended, but he's still with Michigan's football team.


"There's no question (he's still a part of the program), we're going to go through the process," Hoke said. "He's a guy who has been a part of this team, and we're going to go through the process.

"His status hasn't changed."

York has already admitted to investigators he was the one who threw a punch:

“[The victim] pressed up on [York's friend's] face to face exchanging words for no reason. I got (nervous) and scared about the situation so I hit the guy. I punched him.” 

Innocent until proven guilty, I suppose. But damn, that doesn't make that surveillance video any less vicious. 

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