Meet the Jester of King Pelini's Court

By D.J. Byrnes on August 11, 2014 at 9:58 am

Bo Pelini and Nebraska, despite a calamitous 2013 season, have been crushing social media all summer. 

Two of the biggest moments, however — Bo Pelini hoisting his cat into the air at the spring game and Bo modeling Nebraska's alternate jersey to his players — were actually the brainchildren of Nebraska video coordinator, Mike Nobler.

The Omaha Herald had an amusing look at the antics of Nobler, who shows up to Nebraska position camps under the guise of a teenager and trolls Nebraska coaches, but my favorite passage is about Bo Pelini "pranking" Nobler by sending his video coordinator to a friend to get some work done on his car:

Sure enough, the dealership loaned Nobler a four-door sedan while his was in the shop. Nobler left work a little early, picked up his wife, and that’s when things got weird.

“Hey, Mike, what is this?” she said, looking behind the seat.

“What is what?”

She picked up two Ziploc bags. The contents of one bag looked like marijuana. The other looked like cocaine.

(I'd like to think those drugs actually belonged to Carl Pelini.)

By leaving work early, Nobler had disrupted Pelini’s grand plan. Campus police were supposed to pull Nobler over, search the car and find the “drugs.”

Good lord, Bo, have some mercy! That's no prank! That's a nightmare. 

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