Jimbo Fisher Says Winning Isn't All About Having the Best Players

By D.J. Byrnes on July 21, 2014 at 10:34 am

Urban Meyer and Ohio State football has continued their relationship with Focus 3, a culture/leadership-building organization out of Dublin, Ohio. He is a firm believer in a team's culture ultimately dictating their performance on the field. 

It turns out, he isn't alone.

Jimbo Fisher, the defending national champion coach of Florida State, is also a firm believer as well.

Here's Fisher during an interview on ESPN 680 in Louisville, via CoachingSearch.com:

“Everyone gets caught up in players. You’ve got to have players, but to me you have to evolve your program and your program is your school, your facilities, your administrators, your academic support, your athletic support, your weight room, your training room, your booster organization. You have to understand that everything has got to be committed to excellence.


“If you can demand so much from them… If you can’t demand that from your entire organization in every facet – I call it building the program and building the brand – then you can’t expect to win. It’s an evolution.It’s creating that culture that is much more important. You’ve got to get players, but then you’ve got to create culture and that takes time.”

When you realize how many people must be on the same page to encompass a winning culture, you come to understand the tall task in front of Urban Meyer and Focus 3.

It can be done — Florida State's resurrection is proof of that — but it doesn't happen over night.

Source: @f3BK

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