James Franklin: Vanderbilt Has Better Facilities than Penn State

By Jason Priestas on May 17, 2014 at 5:00 am

Four months into the job, Penn State coach James Franklin has recruiting locked down, but that doesn't mean things can't be better.

Per Mark Brennan at Fight On State, Franklin has been beating the drum for a facilities upgrade, even going so far as to say Vanderbilt has better facilities than Penn State:

“To put it in a little bit of perspective for you, when I was at Vanderbilt (from 2011-13), we had the last-place facilities in the SEC,” Franklin told boosters in King of Prussia Tuesday night. “It wasn't even close. And our facilities at Vanderbilt (were) better than what they are at Penn State right now, which is probably a little shocking to people.”


Franklin was able to talk Vanderbilt into building a new $31 million indoor football complex before he left, but what can Penn State do to fix things?

“The issue is we've fallen behind in branding and graphics and technology,” he said. “And carpet.”

To be fair, Franklin went out of his way to say the structure of the facilities is more than fine. He's just looking to turn his four-star property into a five-star property. You know, things like water walls and an iPhone docks in each locker.

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