Bret Beliema's Rule For All Ball-Carriers

By D.J. Byrnes on September 25, 2013 at 6:07 pm

There's been a plague in recent years — on all levels — of players dropping the ball before crossing the goal-line. (A Texas Tech player did it a couple weeks ago.) Enter the arcane football sage Bret "Bert" Beliema, who is working on conditioning his players in a way that would solve that problem, as well as the one encountered by his former team at Arizona State two weeks ago:

One of the things we’ve always talked to our players about is, no matter who is touching the ball, running back, defensive player after an interception, make sure you hand the ball to the official so you put the ball in the right hands of the people that are going to make the game work. 

That seems like a good bit of business. Perhaps that explains what happened above? Perhaps Montee Ball was too busy locating the referee because his he assumed his touchdown's ink was already drying in the record books? And maybe that's what Jen Beliema was getting after with her "#karma" tweet in the immediate aftermath of the ASU-Wisconsin game, like "that's what ya'll get for not following my husband's sage advice"?

Really makes ya think.

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