LSU Fans Smell Like Corndogs?

By D.J. Byrnes on September 19, 2013 at 11:06 am

I was unaware there were actual rivalries in the SEC. The way SEC fans have told it these last seven years made it sound as if they were all one homogeneous unit, each humbly working to bring glory to the group-as-a-whole.

Some patriot took time out of their day to make this.Les Miles' true form: REVEALED

Apparently, though, there are actual rivalries, as evidenced by this post on an Auburn blog. (They play LSU on Saturday.)

LSU fans seem, somehow, sensitive to that whole corn dog issue. I think this may be why a lot of fans get beaten up by LSU fans. If you attend a game in Baton Rouge, try to avoid telling them that they smell like corn dogs. Say something else instead. Like, “Wow, LSU sure does have a great team this year. This is going to be a great SEC game.”

It’s hard. I know. It’s like when you’re having sex and you try to think about baseball. That corn dog smell is just so overwhelming. It makes it hard for you to think about football or baseball or whatever else.

Your brain wanders into corn dog topics like: “Gee, I wonder if I took a bite of your finger, if you would taste just like a corn dog?”; or “Is this a real person or is it a giant corn dog trying to make me think it is a real person?” or “What did that giant corn dog just say?” or “Excuse me, Mister, why is it that you smell just exactly like corn dogs smell?” or, of course, after a silencer: “Madam, did you just let the corn dogs out?”

This article, coupled with a quick Google image search, revealed this meme is based in some truth. (LSU fans apparently love their corn dogs.)

That said, I'm in need of a shower. Hot dogs in general gross me out, and shoving a stick in and deep-frying them does little to rectify that. 

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