Kirk Herbstreit Tells SEC Fans to "Claim" Tennessee's Loss to Oregon

By D.J. Byrnes on September 18, 2013 at 2:10 pm
this will never not be funny

Kirk Herbstreit, whom Ramzy and Jason gave a proper fisking this morning, seems to delight in Oregon's dumping of Tennesseee just as much as anyone outside southeast America:

I don’t think they intentionally ran it up, but I’ll tell you this: The SEC, it’s unique about their fan base. There are fourteen schools. When one of them wins a national championship, all fourteen carry the flag for the national championship. They all claim it. They all claim the national championship like they won it together. So when Tennessee gets ambushed by Oregon, they need to all get their flag out together and accept that loss to Oregon.

It’s funny, when you get outside of the PAC-12, people kind of poo-poo Oregon as if that Oregon speed can’t match up with the bigger schools that have big defensive linemen. I’m telling you, the fan in me wants to see Oregon get a chance in the big game against an SEC powerhouse like Alabama or LSU in the national championship. People want to say LSU already played Oregon. That was different time in a different era and a different LSU team. Oregon was very young with De’Anthony Thomas and some of their true freshmen. Oregon does not get the credit they deserve on a national level. Right now, them and Alabama are on a different playing field than everybody else after the first three weeks.

Fair play, Herbstreit, but Oregon already got its national title match-up with an SEC power, so hopefully they're on the outside looking in come January. (Hurry up, playoff!!!)

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