Bo Pelini, like Gordon Gee Before Him, Discovers All Mics Are Hot Mics

By D.J. Byrnes on September 16, 2013 at 8:47 pm
he seems so gentle tho?

Bo Pelini's Nebraska team suffered a second-half collapse at home against UCLA on Saturday. This apparently was enough to anger a tipster into forking over a two-year-old, secretly-recorded audio tape from the aftermath of Nebraska's 2011 win over Ohio State to Deadspin. In it, Pelini pulls no punches with his foes in the media or fans he considers to be fair-weather.

The entire tape can be heard below (NSFW, language):

From Deadspin's article:

It took everything in my power to not say, 'F--- you, fans. F--- all of you.' F--- 'em.

Our crowd. What a bunch of f------g fair-weather f------g — they can all kiss my ass out the f-----g door. 'Cause the day is f------g coming now. We'll see what they can do when I'm f------g gone. I'm so f-----g pissed off.

Woof. This of course came on the heels of Pelini mixing it up with Nebraska legend Tommie Frazier on the state of Nebraska football. It's all bad in Lincoln right now. (We liked Pelini better when he was smiling and pranking his team.)

UPDATE: (9/16/13, 9:20 PM): Well, that didn't take long. Bo Pelini has issued the mandatory apology:

I want to sincerely apologize for my comments from two years ago which became public today.  I take full responsibility for these comments.  They were spoken in a private room following the Ohio State game.  I was venting following a series of emotional events which led to this moment.  That being said, these comments are in no way indicative of my true feelings.  I love it here in Nebraska and feel fortunate to be associated with such a great University and fan base.  I again apologize to anyone whom I have offended.

Nebraska's chancellor had this to say:

I am aware of the publication of Coach Pelini's comments, I am disappointed and in discussions with [Nebraska Director of Athletics] Shawn Eichorst about addressing the issue.

Could you imagine the rant Pelini would have went on if Nebraska had lost that game?

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