Silver Bullets Will Deal with the Bear Raid the Old Fashioned Way

By D.J. Byrnes on September 10, 2013 at 11:14 am
Worst scene in sports.

Ohio State runs an up-tempo offense, and so does California. These types of offenses have been criticized by the likes of Nick Saban and Bert Beliema as "an unfair advantage" because they take away the defense's ability to substitute different packages in throughout the drive. One way defensive coordinators have found a way to put the brakes on these types of offenses is through the nefarious practice of faking injuries.

Kirk Herbstreit had mentioned defenses actually practiced faking injuries in the offseason. Cal coach Sonny Dykes basically accused Northwestern of faking injuries during Cal's opening day loss to the Wildcats. Georgia appeared to do the same in their loss to Clemson. (It's not a practice limited to the college ranks either; Brian Urlacher recently admitted the Bears had "designated dive" guys.)

To me, this stuff belongs in the bush leagues, and is a form of waiving the white flag to your opponent. (You'll notice how both one college team mentioned above lost.) You don't like how your opponent is pummeling you, you're gassed, so you lay down and fake a cramp. 

So hats off to the Silver Bullets, who are making it clear that's not a route they'll be taking against the high octane Cal offense:

“There'll be none of that faking stuff,” linebacker Joshua Perry said. “Just go out there and play the game that we play.”

Buckle up, boys and girls, because there's going to be a lot of points thrown up on the scoreboard this weekend in Berkeley. May the best team win honorably. 

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