A First-Person View of Ohio State's Marching Alumni Band

By Jason Priestas on September 10, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Cleveland.com's Ari Wasserman has an uncle that plays in the Ohio State alumni band, so he did the only sensible thing: slapped a GoPro camera to his head and had him film Saturday's show.

My uncle, Michael Wasserman, who was drummer in Ohio State's marching band from 1972-74 – years that all resulted in trips to the Rose Bowl – marched as part of the alumni band when the No. 3-ranked Buckeyes hosted San Diego State on Saturday. I met him at St. John Arena for the Skull Session and weaseled my way down to the floor (the Cleveland.com pass gets you places, you know).

As I sweated profusely – it’s way too hot in St. John Arena – I strapped the camera to his head and instructed him to hit play before he hit the field. I had a panic attack all morning that he would have hit the wrong button or it wouldn’t work, but I was happy to see that it came out great.

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