UPDATED: Jared Sullinger Arrested Over Domestic Incident

By D.J. Byrnes on September 3, 2013 at 9:56 am

File this under "headlines I never expected to see:" Jarred Sullinger turned himself into Boston police today over a domestic incident with his girlfriend that occurred over Labor Day weekend. According to Boston's Fox 25, the 21-year-old Celtics forward is allegedly charged with assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and witness intimidation after the incident.

Sullinger average 6.0 points and 5.9 rebounds last year before a back injury sidelined him for the rest of his rookie campaign. Big things were expected from him this year in Boston.

UPDATE (10:45 a.m.): CBS Boston confirms his girlfriend is okay and wasn't taken to the hospital. (H/T to reader Droessl.)

UPDATE (1:38 p.m.): Bail has been set (and posted) at $5,000. The details, as the prosecution alleges and CBS Boston reports, aren't very pretty:

Prosecutors say he and his girlfriend had an argument Saturday night at their Waltham home after she found evidence on his cell phone that he was cheating on her.

According to investigators, the woman started packing her bags when Sullinger, who’s 6-feet-9 inches tall, pushed his girlfriend onto a bed, pinned her, then tossed her onto the ground. He then allegedly smashed a cell phone and shoved her again.

Sullinger then left for a previously scheduled flight to Ohio, where he spent the weekend at his parents’ home.  Police contacted him and informed him about the warrant issued for his arrest.

Sullinger's girlfriend is also claiming a history of abuse, via MassLive's Jay King:

UPDATE (3:34 p.m.): Jared Sullinger has released the following statement, via the Boston Celtics

I voluntarily reported to the Waltham police this morning to respond to charges against me. The experience was humbling and embarrassing for me. Yet I know that this situation has brought both sorrow and embarrassment to my girlfriend, my family, the Boston Celtics organization, my teammates, and my fans. To all of you, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

My lawyers have advised me not to discuss the case at this time. But I wanted to immediately and publicly apologize to everyone affected by this situation.

Ugly, ugly situation all around.

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