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Comment 28 Sep 2015

I get that there's a lot of hand wringing over breaking from tradition (I'm all for bringing back gray stripes), but as has been said countless times, this is the way things are going. If the players, and recruits, like them, and the one-off jerseys put more $$ in the coffers, they're not going anywhere. 

Sure, I'm not thrilled at the thought of not seeing scarlet and gray destroying PSU, but I'd be a damn liar if I said I won't be hyped as shit to see the Buckeyes storm the field looking like The Shield. 

Comment 22 Sep 2015

At this point, the PSU o-line couldn't even block very small rocks. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

They changed from Rainbow Warriors a few years ago as each individual sport decided to go with Rainbow Warriors or just Warriors. They all reverted to Rainbow Warriors 2 years ago (I think that's the right timeframe). 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

How often is a team favored by 40 and nearly everyone, from BOTH fanbases, is saying that's not enough points to cover? I almost feel bad for these kids from Hawaii. 

Comment 04 Sep 2015

Edit: Huntinwabbits has better info. 

From the one play-by-play I found, it showed Spence with 1 sack and an offsides penalty.