The Eyes Have It

By Chris Lauderback on August 23, 2013 at 6:41 pm

Brent Yarina posted some photos today of Braxton Miller practicing with a video camera taped to the top of his helmet

Exactly how the video opportunity is being used isn't clearly defined but there are assumedly countless potential opportunities. The assumption is at the very least Tom Herman can get a feel for what Miller is seeing and reading from the defense and whether or not he's getting through his progressions, throwing to the most appropriate receiver etc.  

The equipment itself doesn't appear to be all that high-tech with layers of athletic tape holding the camera in place. This certainly seems like a potentially useful piece of coaching technology but while an affixed camera can give you a view of where the front of the helmet is pointed, it doesn't have the ability to see exactly where Braxton's eyes are looking. 

It seems like actual glasses/goggles of some kind would be the more likely evolution of such a coaching aid if it is determined this type of video can truly assist in quarterback development. 

You on board with this type of SCIENCE? 



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