Texas Fans Applying Social Heat to Demetrius Knox

By Jason Priestas on March 21, 2013 at 5:01 am

As first reported by our own Derek Young last week, Texas commit Demetrius Knox is planning to take an unofficial visit to Ohio State next month. News of the visit has some Longhorn fans feeling salty:

Demetrius Knox reads the message boards and knows some Longhorns fans assume he's going to jump ship before signing day. The Fort Worth (Texas) All Saints lineman received scrutiny for taking a junior day trip to Oklahoma in February. After Texas coach Mack Brown announced that his commits can no longer take visits elsewhere without jeopardizing their spot in the class, Knox acknowledged publicly that he plans to take an unofficial visit to Ohio State next month.

At first, Knox used the name-calling he received from fans online as motivation. Now it's becoming an irritation.

"I got a tweet not too long ago, right after a camp, that had a picture of me and Daniel [Gresham] that said, 'The only way these two play in DKR is if they come and visit,'" Knox said. "I was like, 'Wow, OK.' And that was from a Texas fan."

To some extent, Knox can understand why the Longhorns fan base is uneasy and prone to jumping to conclusions. Five recruits decommitted from Texas' 2013 class. Knox gets why people fear he's, in his words, going to "pull an A'Shawn" and back out at the last minute like A'Shawn Robinson did last month.

Recruiting: bringing out the worst in social media fandom.


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