Eleven Dubcast: Sandwich Day

By Johnny Ginter on September 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Okay, okay, I feel ya. Maybe you're feeling a little malaise from last weekend's narrow victory over the Cal Golden Bears. It's understandable. But fear not! Johnny and Sarah are back in action to bring you some zen-like oneness with the universe, in convenient podcast form.

This time the dragons are in danger

Joining us today on our spiritual journey through the universe is CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd, a huge get for us (with no small thanks to our own Elika for helping us nab the dude during his super busy schedule). Braxton, Urban, and college football at large will be discussed, including the relatively laughable idea that someone might challenge the (incredible cheaters, they must be cheaters, they're totally cheating) SEC for the national title. Also some way-too-early Heisman talk, because honestly it's never too early to call your shot.

And we did get a question this week, this time from one of our awesome military members overseas! Pretty cool, and if you would also like to be cool, shoot us an e-mail at elevendubcast@gmail.com. Also don't forget to buy tickets for Eat Too, Brutus 2k12! I've said it before and I'll say it again: it'll be fun on a literal bun.

0:22- Sarah and I talk a little about the Cal game, which while not as delightful as I might suggest (especially for the defense), we reach a bit of a understanding with the defense and decide to focus on the brighter things in life.

14:51- Dennis Dodd jumps on the phone with us to talk all things college football and boy howdy do we proceed to do so. This was a fun interview and I think it shows, as we cover a whole wide range of subjects and I keep bringing up West Virginia for some reason!

33:04- We wrap things up with an eclectic discussion of football, life, and our favorite TV shows. Because why the hell wouldn't we?

49:43- Mouth trumpet! Can't go wrong with mouth trumpet.

The music on the Dubcast this week was Keep Fishin' by Weezer, Four Little Diamonds from ELO, and Friendship Update by The Go! Team. And that's that! See you guys next week, where we will gleefully dissect Ohio State's 50-60 point win over UAB!

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