Saturday Skull Session

By Johnny Ginter on June 30, 2012 at 6:00 am

Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to your morning Skull Session. Hopefully you all are doing well after last night's ridiculous storm that left hundreds of thousands without power in the great state of Ohio. If you are one of those unfortunate many, than more likely than not you are reading this via a cellular device, probably trapped under a giant pile of recyclables in a Principal Skinner situation.

If this is the case, I recommend that you do these three things, in order:

1. Finish reading this delightful Skull Session! Nothing can help a person mentally deal with a difficult situation more than a little levity in their lives, and my impish charm is just the thing that undoubtedly need right now.

2. If you find yourself getting bored, find some menial task to do as many times in a row as you can. Then, try and beat that number!


Anyway, Friday night was rough. But hey! Good news! We get about a 24 hour reprieve before it's forecasted to happen again. Can't turn off the power when you ain't got any to begin with, right? Right? Silver linings, people.

A VERY SPECIAL REQUEST One of the fun things about writing for 11W is the various ridiculous things that either happen to us or that we instigate through semi-regular monkeyshines. #Swaggernaut, for one; Eat Too, Brutus for another. Anyway, this time I want to extend the opportunity to do something that I think is a pretty fun and interactive (a community-building exercise, as it were) to you guys.

So basically, what happened is this: in the Dubcast inbox ( all rights reserved this space for rent ladies drink free too legit to quit) a couple of days ago, I  got a pretty cool e-mail, which is (somewhat shortened) as follows:

I was in the freshman class in 1952. A room mate, one of 14, in the stadium dorms suggested we go to the athletic center to see the basketball team practice and see Robin Freeman who had broken all the one year records the previous year in a high school in Cincinnati.
I was amazed since he was only listed at 5'10".

... Unlike the three point shooters the Bucks have had in the last several years, he didn't have to be wide open. A quick fake and he would launch a rainbow fade away jumper from just about anywhere.

... Wanting to show my basketball playing grandsons Freeman's shots, I went an line but could find no videos of him, only stills.

Is it possible to acquire videos of Robin Freeman shooting his incredible shot?  ...OSU had no credible threat from the small 6'4'' center to help Freeman. He went on to lead the country in scoring his senior year, but accidentally chopped some fingers off while cutting up wood preventing him from joining the pros.

Could you tell me where to secure videos of Robin Freeman?



I'll be honest: I have no freaking clue where to find something like this. I've gotten a couple of leads here and there, but I was hoping that the collective denizens of 11W could put their noggins together and help Bob show his grandsons Robin Freeman's sweet j. If any of you guys have ideas or suggestions, go ahead and let me know either at or Let's help Bob out.

THEY ALL KNEW CNN was able to obtain emails from PSU administration concerning Jerry Sandusky, and they are incredibly damning. There's not a lot I can add to this, and there's nothing that these scumbags can say in response. Watch if you can stomach it, but if not, move on and let's talk about bowl games.

Dream selection committee

BOWLIN' Over at, Mandel breaks down what the next playoff format means for college bowl games, specifically New Year's Eve and Day games. Turns out the formula is pretty simple: nonstop Really Important Football Games for roughly 12 hours, followed by a spirits-induced sleepy time for recuperation, and then another 12 hours or so of football ridiculousness.

Ideally to get yourself through this you'd be smart, get dehydrated, and go Strom Thurmond style (you know, minus the whole anti-civil rights part) as you filibuster for control of your television for 48 hours. Or maybe you live alone like me, meaning that you don't have to contend with others' inability to accept that all of the top 12 teams or so playing each other is Super Cool. You are, however, horribly alone.

SO WHAT ABOUT THIS COMMITTEE STUFF Okay, so we're going to have something kind of sort of like a playoff. But who gets to decide who's gonna be in it? We don't know yet, but given how college sports in general seem to go, we're likely to get some combination of TAMU's dog, Craig James, a conjoined Mark May and Lou Holtz, and the bourbon-soaked ghost of Bear Bryant. But in the event that doesn't happen, I do agree with Rittenberg's criteria for who absolutely should not be on the panel:

The chief concerns about the committee are the potential biases its members have. And while many former coaches are no longer affiliated with specific schools, they seem more likely to favor schools and leagues based on their past. There's too much history with these men. Many of them are regarded as icons in certain communities and regions. Sure, coaches know the game better than anyone, but it doesn't mean they make the most objective and rational choices when it comes to rankings.

Need evidence? Look at the coaches' poll. It's a total joke.

Yeah, it is. The idea that coaches, even former ones, would be able to set aside regional or conference biases to decide on something like this is hilarious especially when they can't even do it in a regular season poll that means little to nothing for the first 7 weeks of the season. Find some (good) members of the media, ADs with as little stake in the process as possible, and me because I'm cool, and you've got your committee.

LINKS TO THE PAST The best players not drafted into the NBA this year... Anybody wanna peanut?... BILL... See ya Nasher... BILL... Bark honk screech squawk fart... Neat, WWL. Neat... Look guys, it's not that hard

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