Eleven Dubcast 4: A Sort of Homecoming

By Luke Zimmermann on January 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm

The Eleven Dubcast comes to you on a wing and a prayer. New Orleans ain't no joke, folks. None the less, Johnny and I not only found time to to bask in the glow of the biggest Ohio State win in 363 days, but also bring on some stellar guests who make our jobs phenomenally easy. Our verbal free jazz trio for this gig:

  • 11W's very own Joe joins us for the first time. Joe's well regarded around these parts for his tremendous historical retrospects and general depth of knowledge of all things OSU. We discuss the impact of the win relative to other recent games of great consequence in Buckeye lore as well as reflect on our mutual man crushes on one Dane Sanzenbacher. 
  • Jeff Svoboda of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin gets on with us to discuss the win within the context of the Tressel-era specifically as well as what the future of the Buckeye five is looking like.
  • Finally, Marcus Hartman of Buckeye Sports Bulletin discusses the impact of the win on Ohio State's reputation nationally, the complete and utter dominance of Ohio State's defensive line over Arkansas' offensive line for the better part of Tuesday evening, as well as what 2k11 will hold for Ohio State.

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