Wednesday Skull Session

By Chris Lauderback on September 21, 2010 at 6:44 pm

 More passing records on the horizon? Just a year removed from struggling to gain enough trust from his head coach (and fans) to attempt anything other than the safest of passes, and a just a week removed from setting the school's all-time record for consecutive completions, Terrelle Pryor is now guiding an offense that seems more likely to pass than rush when it matters most.

Somewhat shockingly, with what should be a guaranteed 200+ yard passing performance Saturday against a dismal Eastern Michigan squad, Kenny G notes Pryor will earn a 3rd place tie with Troy Smith for most consecutive games passing for at least 200 yards. Assuming TP ties Smith, he'll be targeting Bobby Hoying (7 consecutive, '95) and then Joe Germaine who holds the school record with 10 straight back in 1998. Looking at the schedule, it sure would be nice to see him pass Hoying with a redemption effort against Purdue before breaking the record against Iowa in Kinnick.

The fact we're even contemplating this is pretty impressive when you reflect on Pryor's early struggles. I know he's only three weeks in but it's hard not to look ahead with bums like EMU, Illy and Indiana looming.

What's your take - will Pryor have enough juice to eclipse Germaine's record or with either a poor game or perhaps an early exit in a blowout halt the streak? 

 Haters gonna hate. Head 'Cane Randy Shannon put the ixnay on the Tweetnay after Jacory Harris and some of his teammates were busted tweeting too close to kickoff prior to the eventual manhood-stripping suffered in the 'Shoe but the real drama occurred afterward when it was learned Harris received some incredibly racist tweets after his 4 INT performance. Hit the link for the actual tweets because they are far too "racy" for our wholesome enterprise. Absolutely unbelievable. Or is it?!

Les Miles likes to ramble. If you needed any help convincing yourself Les Miles is a goldmine for durr, this is your site. The Les Miles quote generator offers up over 400 Miles-isms. A truly random sample provided:

"There was great interest there as soon as the interest was mutual."

Or maybe you prefer this one:

"I've got to be honest with you; I've never operated wth expectations."

And finally:

"It's going to be exciting to me to see where we are in the opener, because that really is the mark of where your football team is."

Kinda makes you love Tressel's "and so forth" fillers that much more, doesn't it?!

I guess this is what happens when nobody tells the AD, "No!". Gene Smith has caught some flak here and there, most recently for not publicly freaking out over the possible move of The Game but at least he's not planning to paint the practice field at the WHAC a shade of maize during Michigan week. Conversely, the dope running Oregon State's athletic department, Bob De Carolis, spent anywhere from $4-$8k of donor money, depending on which report you believe, to have the Beaver practice field painted blue in prep for Oregon State's trip to Boise State this weekend.

Not surprisingly, the ghetto version of the already ghetto Smurf Turf drew mixed reviews from players with tight end John Reese remarking, "At first I thought it was kind of weird. I didn’t see the point, and I kind of still don’t see the point, but I guess it was for publicity and what not."

Just one more reason to be glad you are a fan of The Ohio State University where gimmicks like this don't fly.

From the file. Apparently viewing the home victory over Iowa as a colossal win for the program, fans of the irrelevant Arizona Wildcats can forever commemorate the win with this must-have t-shirt. I'm torn. Is this more funny or more sad?

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