A Time to Accentuate the Positive

By Chris Lauderback on June 22, 2010 at 7:00 am
Tyler Moeller wants to borrow your staplerMoeller can be the feel good story of the year

So yesterday was a big pile of suck as we continued to worry about Jamel Turner while being hit with the news that Duron Carter and Keith Wells will not suit up for the Buckeyes this fall. Then, like a late day thunderstorm perfectly timed with the walk to your car after a Monday on the job, Ken Gordon told us hotshot RB Rod Smith was the only incoming footballer not to enroll in summer classes (excepting Turner).

Fortunately, there is some good news that's been a little overlooked and it comes in the form of Tyler Moeller's clearance to participate in fall camp. We touched on the story late last week but it was swallowed up so I wanted to explore what this could mean for the Buckeyes while also gauging your feelings on what you expect, if anything, from the gritty kid who hasn't played since 2008.

If Moeller makes it through camp without any setbacks, it could be a huge boon for a secondary featuring a first year starter at safety in Orhian Johnson and a green list of candidates vying for time at the Star/nickel. Say what you will about the promise of Nate Oliver or Jamie Wood, but Moeller has already proven himself as a capable cover guy against secondary receivers and even moreso as a madman on the blitz.

At the least, Moeller's presence gives Heacock a situational guy to use based on down and distance while Tyler gets reacquainted with the speed of the game in addition to hopefully eliminating any understandable tentativeness. At the max, Heacock inserts an experienced starter player with a huge heart and proven ability into an already elite defense. Even better, Moeller will petition for a 6th season of eligibility after the 2010 season giving OSU two solid years of service after the sucker punch.

So, what do you make of the Moeller situation? Are you cautiously optimistic either due to the nature of his injury giving you pause to count on his being able to contribute or maybe you weren't sold on him back in 2008? Maybe you expect Tyler to come back but with enough rust to limit his effectiveness? Or, like me, do you envision Moeller making huge contributions as a starter playing with a passion and fearlessness that rubs off on his teammates?