Spring Game A/V Bullets

By Jason Priestas on April 25, 2010 at 7:57 pm

These videos and related bullets were supposed to be online sooner, but thunderstorms across the midwest last night mixed with a flight into the bag of suck that is O'Hare turned the last 18 hours into the type of travel hell that seems to strike about once every year or so (ORD being the constant in all episodes). So, to make up for the tardiness, here's a clip of a grinning Kenny Guiton. Ken Gordon summed up Guiton's afternoon pretty well:

Ohio State fans who came into yesterday hoping star quarterback Terrelle Pryor wouldn't get hurt suddenly were holding their breath that Kenny Guiton was OK.

He's still raw, likely somewhere around 60 on EA's awareness scale (see the four sacks), but the kid can play.  If nothing else, his outing gives hope for the future and some measure of solitude should the nightmare scenario that mustn't be printed occurs this fall. And now to the bullets:

  • DeVier Posey had a day to forget, which I'm hoping to chalk up to it being his first outing in a season with such high expectations.  It started on Scarlet's opening possession when, though he was interfered with by Torrence on a play on the right sideline, still made a play on the ball only to see it pass through his hands.  Ultimately, we know what Posey can do and this isn't really anything to worry about beyond the trash-talking he'll surely receive from his teammates.
  • Taurian, Taurian, Taurian.  Could it be he's just one of those guys that can make the clutch play, but not the routine one?  I'm an eternal optimist, so I'm wishfully hoping he produces this season, because if he does, that's a pretty dangerous group of wideouts all of a sudden.
  • Zach Boren is the gift that keeps on giving.  He was supposed to be the other Boren, but at this point he's getting more hype than his all-conference brother.  His hands and propensity to stay upright gives Pryor another weapon and something else for defenses to worry about.
  • I'm still cautious even bringing this up because I don't want to jinx things, but Ohio State looks like they might actually use the tight end in the passing game this year.  Again, knock on wood, but Jake Stoneburner looked to be every bit as advertised as he'd been in practice Saturday.  More importantly, Pryor appears to really look for him.
  • The running attack didn't provide many fireworks -- Joe Bauserman led the Gray Scarlet in rushing -- but a couple of things stood out.  Saine showed off some nice jukes, particularly in the 2nd quarter, Jordan Hall was quick to the hole like we've come to expect and Carlos Hyde saw his first action in front of fans.  Hyde, I thought, looked trimmer and quicker than most were probably expecting to see.  Also, is Jamaal Berry the frontrunner for the new Ghost?
  • Etienne Sabino was everywhere for the Gray defense, finishing with seven tackles.  When the Buckeyes roll with three linebackers this fall, the group will be quick and solid tacklers.  It was good to hear Jordan Whiting's name called and Nate Oliver, physics superstar, had that huge late pick.
  • John Simon and Cam Heyward on the same Scarlet defensive front was a bit unfair at times.  It's not hard to envision the two of them along with Nathan Williams destroying offensive lines this fall.  Hopefully creating some cushion for what looks like a secondary that may not be elite.  Dorian Bell led the squad in tackles with five which is about what you want to see at this point in his career.
  • It's obvious Drew Basil has a canon.  For the staff to even let him attempt a 60-yarder at the half says one thing, but the 47-yarder he hammered in at the start of the 4th was impressive for a kid that should still have a third period study hall.
  • The punter job has long been thought to be Ben Buchanan's to lose, but that might just happen if walk-on Derek Erwin keeps having afternoons like he did yesterday.  Both punters had plenty of opportunity with the teams combining to punt 13 times on the afternoon, but the sophomore from tiny Tiro, Ohio, finished with a 42 yard average on six while Buchanan had seven for a 35.7 average, including 16 and 31 yard efforts.

That concludes the bullets.  Here are a couple of other videos we captured after the scrimmage.