The Madness Day One Open Thread

By Jason Priestas on March 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm
12:20 PM #10 Florida vs. #7 Brigham Young
12:25 PM #11 Old Dominion vs. #6 Notre Dame
12:30 PM #15 Robert Morris vs. #2 Villanova
2:30 PM #13 Murray State vs. #4 Vanderbilt
2:40 PM #15 North Texas vs. #2 Kansas State
2:45 PM #14 Sam Houston State vs. #3 Baylor
2:50 PM #10 Saint Mary's vs. #7 Richmond
4:45 PM #12 UTEP vs. #5 Butler
7:10 PM #9 Northern Iowa vs. #8 UNLV
7:15 PM #16 East Tennessee State vs. #1 Kentucky
7:20 PM #11 Washington vs. #6 Marquette
7:25 PM #14 Ohio vs. #3 Georgetown
9:30 PM #16 Lehigh vs. #1 Kansas
9:35 PM #9 Wake Forest vs. #8 Texas
9:40 PM #14 Montana vs. #3 New Mexico
9:45 PM #11 San Diego State vs. #6 Tennessee

The Internet is in the running for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. I'm struggling to connect how enabling millions of Americans to watch every game of the NCAA Tournament is advancing the cause for peace, but when I'm watching the Gators and Cougars tipoff while at work, I know the series of tubes has earned my vote for the honor. There's that small part about not actually having a vote, but why dwell on technicalities when there's madness to look forward to?

The five Big Ten teams won't get going until tomorrow, but there are a few gems in today's lineup. The aforementioned Gators are always fun to root against, we'll get a chance to see the two best teams in the tourney play and at 7:25pm, the mighty Bobcats take on the Hoyas.

The 11W Industries tech department has rigged up the button below to launch the CBS player, so feel free to keep one eye on the action and another on this thread for snarky comments.

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