Jay Paterno, Voice of Reason

By Jason Priestas on January 14, 2010 at 3:27 pm

The son of a coaching legend and admitted lifer in college coaching weighs in on the state of madness enveloping the college football coaching ranks. The same guy that developed Anthony Morelli comes off, well, reasoned.

I am not saying that every coach should take a vow of poverty or stay at his school for three decades, but we must remember what has made ours a noble profession. It is the mission of our profession: the use of sport to help young men transition from high school and prepare them for the world that awaits them after college.

Coaches walk into a recruit’s home and talk about how they will look out for that young man’s future. When the parents or guardians pass their boy on to college, they put his welfare into that coach’s hands. The expectation is that the coach will help to guide him through a very formative time.

A year later the same coach is off to another job for more money and left behind are the young men he promised to nurture towards their future. The coach talks about a “dream job” or a new challenge, and everyone gobbles it up.