Who Makes it Personal for You?

By Chris Lauderback on November 19, 2009 at 2:00 pm
Watch. Lose. Repeat.Foreshadowing, anyone?

While we all share a common distaste for the collective entity known as That Shell of a Football Program Up North, it's the personnel passing through Ann Arbor over the years that truly stoke the hate flames.

That said, we're wondering which Wolverine(s) you love to despise the most, and why?

We're guessing many of you cut your rivalry teeth during the Cooper Era so you've got more than few choices at your disposal. Others may not focus their hate on players who may have beaten OSU, instead choosing to reserve their utmost disdain for Wolverines who have shown a penchant for classless behavior.

Here's a sample size for you to ponder:

  • Tshimanga Biakabutuka: A man of many nicknames, although I believe iball's moniker is the best of the bunch, Timmy lit up the undefeated Buckeyes in my one and only trip to Ann Arbor rushing for 2,836,943 yards in a 31-23 upset. Obviously, this vaults "YMF" to 2nd on my personal hate list. Worst. Trip. Ever.
  • Tom Darden: Maybe a bit obscure to some of the younger generation, Darden got away with blatant pass interference before intercepting a key pass in a 10-7 loss to Michigan in 1971 prompting a Woody explosion complete with one down marker thrown like a dart onto the field before shredding another. This preceded a well deserved verbal lashing of multiple officials. Even better, Woody apologized after the game but later saw the replay and immediately took back the apology. Hate week, indeed. Tom Darden was a cheater. And he kicked dogs, too.
  • Jim Harbaugh: Reeking of Michigan faux elitism, Harbaugh earned all-time hate status after guaranteeing a Michigan victory in 1986. With a Rose Bowl trip on line, OSU's Matt Frantz missed a 45 yard FG in the closing minutes giving UM a 26-24 win.
  • Desmond Howard: An obvious step brother of Shannon Sharpe, Horse Teeth Howard is at the top of my personal hate list thanks to his (1) defection, (2) Heisman pose, and (3) for stooping so low as to sing Hail to the Victors in a romantic duet with Nick Lachey atop the 'Shoe a few years back. Where's a gust of wind when you need it?
  • Mike Hart: I feel weird putting H20-4 on the list considering his career featured a donut against the Buckeyes but he makes the cut on sheer cockiness alone. Dude had a penchant for running his gums but never backed it up with a W in The Game. I can't thank him enough for coming back for his senior season.
  • Charles Woodson: Already a traitor, the ever-cocky Woodson did it all in the '97 loss returning a punt for a TD, picking off a pass in the endzone and even catching a pass on a big gainer to set up another score.
  • Marcus Ray: A traitor from Columbus, Ray is the safety who undercut David Boston as shown on the infamous 1997 SI cover. At least there's a silver lining with Ray - he missed half of his senior season after having an agent take him to the Cincy Jazz Fest and pay for some hotel rooms. I hope the agent at least had enough taste not to spring for the Chess King sweater Ray wore when coming clean about his dirty dealings.
  • Brian Griese: Memories of his daddy providing color commentary on ABC is enough to earn him a spot on this list but the fact he helped upset OSU in both '95 and 96 is icing on the hate.

We could go on for days commenting on the likes of John Kolesar, Anthony Carter, Shawn Crable, Dan Dierdorf, etc. but now it's your turn. Who do you love to hate?