Mumme Poll Ballot: Week 6

By Jason Priestas on October 12, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Our goal is to keep our BlogPoll ballot inline with what we submit to the Mumme Poll and so far, so good.

Top Five (in No Particular Order)

Alabama, Florida, Southern Cal, Texas and Virginia Tech.

In our eyes, these five are clearly the cream of the crop in the college football landscape. But try to tell us who would win a matchup pitting any two of these teams. Outside of Bama/VaTech, who have already played, it's damn near impossible at this point in time.

Next Seven (again, in No Particular Order)

Boise State, Cincinnati, Iowa, LSU, Miami, Ohio State and TCU.

The next seven clearly represent another tier and there are quite a few teams on the outside of this group vying to get in. I'm sure this batch won't change at all from now until the end of the season, right?

If you did make it over to sign up for the Mumme Poll in time, let us know who you have in your two groups. If you didn't, feel free to let us know what we got wrong.