Will Shaq Stop By for Scrabble?

By Jason Priestas on July 24, 2009 at 1:10 am

From the release:

Revsine, DiNardo, Griffith and the Big Ten Network production crew will criss-cross the conference's eight states in a customized, chartered bus. The bus will be branded with logos and air times for the network's "Four Pack," a quartet of new football shows that debut in September.

The camp coverage is similar to what the BTN did last year, but this time, they'll have a kick-ass bus. Also this:

A coach or player will wear a wireless microphone during practice to give fans another perspective on the team's preparation for the season.

People we'd like to see mic'd when the net visits Columbus on August 11th: Heacock, Fickell, Pryor or Gibson.