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By Jason Priestas on March 18, 2009 at 11:26 pm
Big Ten DuckpinsNow, this is fine art

BuckeyeChief scored link gold in the comments earlier with a set of bowling pins that Uni Watch's Paul Lukas says "are among the greatest uni-related projects I’ve ever seen."

Marshall has a set of pins that he originally used for a game called cat bowling (”It consisted of me keeping track of all the pins that they or I knock down in the studio on this homemade Baltimore-themed score sheet”). More recently, he’s given them a Big Ten paint job, with his alma mater serving as the fierce ball that plows into the hapless pins. You can see close-ups of each pin design here — they’re brilliant, although you may notice that Marshall has taken a few liberties with some of the uni designs. He provided a lengthy explanation for that, and also gave the rationale for each pin’s facial expression, all of which is so involved that I’ve chosen to give it its own separate page.

I got nothing. Just lust.