Comment Tweaks

By Jason Priestas on January 8, 2009 at 1:57 am

First off, apologies to all of you IE 6 or earlier users that have been seeing some pretty janky comment formatting since we cutover to threaded comments. I thought at first it was just browsers caching the old stylesheets, but it looks like the comment theme really does look busted when viewed in those browsers.

The good news is that we have a temporary fix, so you'll be able to follow the comments without wanting to gouge your eyes out. The bad news is that the fix essentially just hides the Gravatar icons in these older versions of IE.

I'll spare you the nerd rant against using IE, but if you are using Inernet Explorer 6 or earlier and have the ability to upgrade your browser, please do so. Here's a partial list of some excellent (and free) alternatives:

If you're absolutely dead-set on sticking to IE, at least give IE7 or IE8 a try. If you have IE6 at work and can't update your machine, you'll just have to hang in there, but at least you'll now be able to see each comment.

Oh, there are some other minor fixes that all users should see and hopefully will make the whole discussing-our-agony thing a little more palatable.