Your Armageddon Open Thread

By Jason Priestas on September 13, 2008 at 6:10 am
Trojan pride, baby

Jimmy Crum came to me in a dream again and although he didn't provide another prediction this time, he did tell me to go into the game with peaceful thoughts and that the Buckeyes would make us all proud. Whether that results in a win or not is anyone's guess, but I'll be shocked to see any type of blowout.

Your number one goal on the day, of course, is to not allow the bad news to drive you to drink so much and so early that you miss the kickoff. The 8PM kickoff is a way off, but there are some other great games to prime you for the main event:

  • The second-ranked Georgia Bulldogs travel to play South Carolina and the OBC. The Gamecocks are coming off a tough loss to Vandy and will be looking to make a statement. (3:30 PM, CBS)
  • The Boilermakers welcome 15th-ranked Oregon to Ross Ade. Another one of those games the Big Ten needs for some street cred. (3:30 PM, ABC)
  • If you need a mid-afternoon nap, the annual cripple fight that is Notre Dame-Michigan will take place in South Bend. 3-2 final? It will definitely be a baseball score. (3:30 PM, NBC)
  • Oklahoma travels to Washington and although this game should be a mismatch, I'm surprised the Sooners were willing to go back to the Pacific Northwest considering the raw deal they got the last time they visited that part of the country. (7:45 PM, ESPN)

If you're still looking for things to do while you countdown, the kind gents at CFB Weekly were nice enough to have me on again this week to discuss the big game and you can catch that interview here (the magic starts around the 11:45 mark). I think I'm just about ready for Around the Horn and you know I'd punch Skip Bayless in the nuts if that ever happened.

But back to the big game -- assuming Wells is out, how would you script the first 10 offensive plays for the Buckeyes? I know my 10 would include a Statue of Liberty, four flea-flickers, and a couple of triple reverses with some iso-runs mixed in for good measure.