Jeremie Simmons - "No P.J. Hill"

By Chris Lauderback on April 29, 2008 at 8:14 pm
The Predator: Instant No-ffense

Amen to that. PD's Doug Lesmerises just took the words right out of my mouth.

Jeremie Simmons, the 6'2" juco Matta brought in to compete at the point, appears poised to see significant court time according to his Mott CC coach Steve Schmidt:

They recruited this kid to come in and make an impact. That's what my expectations are and that's what the kid's are. He's very crafty with the ball and he's very unselfish, but he can really shoot the ball," Schmidt said.

It sounds as if handles aren't the main strength of his game but he pumped in 21 and 5 a night on his way to a D2 juco POY award. If nothing else, he provides insurance if Crater can't handle the point duties from day one considering Evan Turner is likely to spend his time on the baseline helping rebound instead of using his versatility to bring the ball up the floor from time to time.

This, of course, assumes Kosta Koufos is definitely out the door. If that's the case, Koufos better hope TSN's Mike DeCourcy isn't in any NBA franchise's war room based on the most scathing observation of Koufos' decision/game I've read to date. Here's a taste but the rest is just as good:

Ohio State center Kosta Koufos is making the biggest mistake. His presence on the list represents either a complete waste of time or a serious miscalculation of his current value.