Terrelle Pryor Has His Own Diary

By Corey Carpenter on January 11, 2008 at 12:54 pm

While most of us are trying to figure out who is staying and who is jumping to the NFL draft over the next 4 days, Jim Tressel and his staff are gearing up for the final run of next year's freshmen class.

Ohio State has 16 verbals thus far, half of which were selected to play in last week's US Army All-American Bowl. Of course the big name still out there that hasn't committed is Terrelle Pryor and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette has started a diary for him and his recruiting process, ensuring his flirting all the way until the end.

This is not going to be a daily diary, but should be a good read when it comes out. TP is going to start bringing Charlie Batch on his trips for help and advice (do your Buckeye service TLB), as Terrelle is going to be bombarded over the next few weeks and I don't believe he has a father figure in the house.

While Ohio State was the early leader for TP, all the going ons up North has put them back in the race. He will wait until Feb. 6th to announce his decision, but as James Jahnke of the Detroit Free Press pointed out yesterday, it would be smart for his "NFL career" to come to Ohio State, quite simply, he could take an extreme pounding at Michigan the first couple of years.