Terrelle Pryor Enjoys Flirting

By Jason Priestas on January 5, 2008 at 5:27 pm

While leading his East squad to a 33-23 victory over the West in the US Army All-American Bowl, Vince 2.0 was seen sporting the Buckeye leaf sticker you see above (thanks again to crafty readers Lane and Joe).

I didn't get to see much of the game, but evidently future Buckeye DeVier Posey was the culprit that placed the sticker in the first place. Still, Pryor took pleasure in pointing the sticker out on television, taunting both Buckeye fans and fans of other schools in what could be. When interviewed while receiving the MVP trophy, he maintained that he'd like to finalize his decision in February, so we'll have to wait it out.

Meanwhile, the New York Times caught up to the super-recruit and he dished the positives and negatives on the key schools recruiting him including this contradictory gem on whether the Vest would install the spread upon his arrival:

“I believe him because he said he would, but I really don’t know.”

As most have pointed out, his immaturity seems to be matched by skill on the field -- then again, he's only a high school senior. No telling what would have come out of my mouth to a news reporter at that age.

Can any of you provide a report on how he and the other Buckeye recruits looked today?