Final BlogPoll Ballot

By Jason Priestas on January 10, 2008 at 12:15 pm

This season was the first in which we were fortunate enough to vote in the BlogPoll and we had a blast. But alas -- all good things must come to an end (for 7 months at least).

Here's the top 10 on our final ballot:

1 LSU We're believers now. If you win the SEC, you deserve a shot in the title game. Even if you're 6-6.
2 Georgia Blowing up Hawaii sets the stage for a title run of their own next season.
3 Southern Cal The Illini spent too much time at Disney and the Trojans ate them for lunch. USC fans will be cursing the Stanford game for eternity.
4 West Virginia Jilted by Rodriguez, the Mountaineers showed a lot of sack picking apart the Sooners.
5 Ohio State Based on what we saw in NoLa, this is about as high as we can justify putting the Buckeyes. Homer powers.. thwarted..
6 Oklahoma A stolen coat set the tone for the game and all of a sudden "Big Game" Bobby has a loss in his 4th straight BCS bowl game.
7 Missouri Evidently Houston Nutt took the defensive playbook with him when he left town. Tony Temple upstaging Darren McFadden?
8 Kansas Mangino's boys finished 12-1 this year with a big Orange Bowl win over VaTech. Still, what was up with the interference on the Gatorade dump?
9 Virginia Tech Turnovers did the Hokies in against the Jayhawks. Oh, and speaking of losing four consecutive BCS games...
10 Boston College The Eagles may be a little high here, but props to having the nation's longest bowl winning streak (8).

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