By Jason Priestas on January 30, 2008 at 5:00 pm
Worst. T-Shirt. Ever.Worst. T-shirts. Ever. (Plain Dealer photo)

Some of you may remember Anthony Florig, the Ohio State student that trekked across country last season to crash the gates at the BCS Championship, all the while blogging about it for the Plain Dealer.

The trip ended in failure on three fronts: Florig first flamed out on an attempt to talk Barker into some wingman action win some cheddar on the "Price is Right". Then he witnessed his Buckeyes get waxed by the Gators in a game that was competitive for all of about 10 minutes. Finally, he returned home and received a fine and further punishment from the university for, you know, not paying to get into the game.

He couldn't do anything about the game or his punishment, but he did return for another run at the game show and on Monday he got his revenge.

After advancing through the early trials, he spun a 95¢ on the wheel and moved on to the "Showdown". Once there, he won the contest with a winning bid of $14,114 -- a number sequence that should ring a bell for most of you.

Among his winnings, estimated at $21,000 were 23 (!!) board games, furniture, appliances and his and her bicycles.

The lesson from all of this? Should you find yourself in the "Showcase Showdown" some day, $13,824 may be the smart bet.