11W Mix Tape: Courvoisier Edition

By Jason Priestas on January 24, 2008 at 4:00 pm
11W Mix Tape

This one's a little old, but Scout finalized their 2008 player rankings and Buckeye recruits are what you would call evenly distributed in their top 100:

  • OT - Mike Adams (11)
  • WR - DeVier Posey (15)
  • C - Michael Brewster (23)
  • OT - J.B. Shugarts (34)
  • MLB - Etienne Sabino (39)
  • DT - Garrett Goebel (51)
  • TE - Jake Stoneburner (65)
  • MLB - Andrew Sweat (98)

Adams, Posey, Brewster, Shugarts and Sabino all check in at 5-stars, while Goebel, Stoneburner and Sweat received 4 stars. Of course, holding down the #1 spot in the rankings is Pryor. Land him and this top three class moves into undisputed #1 territory. Oh, and 5-star guard Josh Jenkins, fresh off a visit to WVU is still lurking as well.

Club Like Mike
Jamie Foxx Michael Wiley received some quality pub from The Other Paper recently.

Evidently in between his stunt double work for Miami Vice, he had time to launch a nightclub and it was named best new joint in Cbus. For those seeking their booty-on, "After 5" is getting good marks:

Best New Nightspot: After Five (482 S. Front St.). This bar garners top mention for possessing all of the characteristics that make a nightspot a worthy destination: crowd, aesthetics, location and libations. The bar, co-owned by former Buckeye running back Michael Wiley and his college buddy, Cameron Jackson, occupies the prime club real estate in the Brewery District formerly occupied by Gibby’s.

The bar’s unique layout includes two patios (one of which promises to be a choice live music stop come summer), and, inside, three staggered levels, including a somewhat segregated, candlelit dining room that—when there’s not a jazz or funk trio set up in it’s street-front windows—offers some privacy from the narrow, bustling bar. And all of this activity, of course, can be scoped out from the cozy third-floor loft.

Anyone have a field report?

Urban Still Owns Tressel
Not wanting to be outdone by the Vest in the think-of-the-children-he's-recruiting-too-hard category, Urban Meyer is taking it up a notch.

First up is the news that LSU recruit Patrick Johnson had to take the written portion of the ACT again after Florida questioned his scores when he jumped from a 16 to 22.

It's safe to assume that Johnson is no Meyer fan:

"Florida made an issue about the ACT score. They're cowards. They had to go behind my back. But that's OK. We play them this year."

It gets better. He allegedly topped that by working the phones on behalf of the Gator gymnastics squad to secure a scholarship for the girlfriend of junior college recruit Carl Moore. The end result: two new Gators and more questions about how soon he's busted for something.