11W Mix Tape: Hangover Edition

By Jason Priestas on December 3, 2007 at 11:00 am
11W Mix Tape

Wow, what a weekend. So the Buckeyes and their fans got the game they wanted. The golden shot at redemption. Against the Werewolf with a chainsaw for a penis, no less.

I do feel bad for fans of Oklahoma*, Georgia, Hawaii and Missouri. You guys got screwed. Until the system is fixed, and by fixed, I mean a playoff, this will happen.

Any chance we can get a national boycott of bowl games going? Watch only your team and no other games? You know, hit them in wallet, by dropping the value of the ad spots?

* Although, the Tigers owed you one, didn't they, Sooner fan?

Bo Pelini Has Stuff to Do
After initially saying he had moved on from coaching at LSU and would begin full-time work on his new gig at Nebraska, Tiger defensive coordinator Bo Pelini is now saying that with Tom Osborne's blessing, he could begin recruiting work at Nebraska before returning to help coach the LSU defense during the recruiting dead period leading up to the game.

Coach School Birthplace BCS
Jim Tressel Ohio State Mentor, OH 1
Les Miles LSU Elyria, OH 2
Bob Stoops Oklahoma Youngstown, OH 4
Gary Pinkel Missouri Akron, OH 6
Urban Meyer Florida Ashtabula, OH 12
Ron Zook Illinois Loudonville, OH 13

Pelini, a former Buckeye captain at safety, will be trying to help his old boss, a Michigan man, beat an Ohio State team for all the marbles. Yikes.

He'll also soon be joining an impressive list of Buckeye sons leading top BCS programs (assuming he can get the Huskers back).

So, the next time someone runs smack about football in Ohio, tell them to die in a fire.

Day 1: Bulletin Board Clear
The players and coaches met with the media on Sunday night and had the following nice, non-controversial things to say.

Malcom Jenkins:

"We all had this feeling like we have destiny this season. A lot of people didn't think we'd do anything this year, that it was a rebuilding year. But we set a tone for ourselves that we wanted to do big things."

James Laurinaitis:

“We understand we’re going to be huge underdogs. We know LSU is a great team. They’re SEC champs for a reason.”


"That's a challenge, no question about that, but it's a challenge I think our guys really want. We wanted to be in the championship game no matter who it is or where it is."

Team Awards Handed Out
Beanie took home the team MVP, while he and the Gun Show took home multiple awards at the team's football appreciation banquet held earlier in the day Sunday.

In addition to being named MVP, Beanie won the Archie Griffin Award as the outstanding offensive player and the W.W. Hayes Award for outstanding play in the Michigan game.

Gholston took home a Hayes award for the Michigan game as well as the Jack Stephenson Award for top defensive lineman, and the Agonis Award for manhandling Penn State.

Complete list of winners here »

Keeping Tabs On Our Dear Friends
Lloyd Carr gets to coach his last game against the human touchdown factory that is Tim Tebow. Good luck with that one.

We took some heat for having the Gators so high on our BlogPoll ballot last week, but is there any team that's scarier to game-plan defensively against than the Gators these days?

There's also some bad blood stemming from the debate over who got in as the #2 last season. Orange and Blue Hue is already salivating at the chance to take it to the Wolverines.

Are the 50 days enough time for Henne and Hart to heal up? Is it too much to ask for them to "win one for the Tripper" -- step up for the Big Ten? Or is this going to be the train wreck that it appears to be?