Surgery On The Horizon For Beanie

By Jason Priestas on October 23, 2007 at 2:00 pm
Beanie Wells221 with a bone chip?

Attempting to reverse tracks from when he, among others, called out Beanie's toughness two weeks ago, the Dispatch's Ken Gordon reveals that an anonymous source told him that Wells actually has a bone chip in his left ankle that will require surgery.

Beanie has been toughing it out and is putting surgery off until after the Michigan game so he'll be ready for the bowl game.

Now, Gordon is singing a different tune:

My beef with OSU is Wells was getting questioned about his toughness all season, and the Buckeyes could have ended that by saying what exactly was wrong with him, but they didn't. They hide behind medical-privacy issues, which is a complete joke. Once somebody reports on an injury, Jim Tressel freely discusses that player's status, his rehab, his chance of playing, etc. So don't give me that.

He's got a point. Why has so much been made of Beanie "becoming a warrior" and things of that nature this season when he's been playing through this type of injury?