BlogPoll Roundtable: Shake It Up

By Corey Carpenter on October 3, 2007 at 2:00 pm

My Opinion on Sports sure landed a great week to host the BlogPoll round table. Debates are heating up as last Saturday saw some early season favorites get exposed. Who will be next and who may be there in the end? Conference play is starting to heat up and these questions could still be debated over the next 7 weeks.

Bo PeliniFormer Buckeye Pelini has the Tigers
getting after it

The Battle for #1 – USC and LSU are separated by one vote in the AP poll. We made the switch in last week’s blogpoll by putting the Tigers in our top spot. State your case for who should be the top team in the country.

11W has had LSU at the top since the second week. The Tigers gave up 7 points in their first three weeks of the season and are only giving up 6.4 points a game on the season.

Glen Dorsey could be the most dominate player in college football and LSU leads the nation in total defense. The next two weeks will be a true test for them, as they get Florida at home and then travel to upstart Kentucky.

Once again, USC and Surfer Pete are the media darlings, but their defense has not looked as strong and defense wins.. you know the rest.

Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Texas and Rutgers were all upset this weekend. Of those teams, who has the best shot of getting back into the national title hunt?

I believe Oklahoma has the best chance of getting back in the national title hunt. They should regroup and beat Texas this weekend, leaving Missouri as the only ranked opponent they will face. Bob Stoops has been there before and an early loss could be what the Sooners needed to focus for the rest of the year. Florida probably has the talent to come back, however they play a much harder schedule. Who put together this schedule? Four out of the next 5 games are on the road and they are against ranked opponents.

Looking at the current AP Top 10, who is grossly overrated and who should be in there that isn’t?

Lloyd CarrCelebrating the Irish win

Teams 5 through 9 are questionable. Wisconsin’s defense has been vulnerable and Ohio State is the only ranked team they play the rest of the year, so they may stay pretty high for a few more weeks at least. Although the USF Bulls are 11W favorites, no Big East team is going undefeated. The depth of the SEC will knock Florida and Kentucky out and Touchdown Jesus may curse Boston College next week. As mentioned before, Oklahoma should creep up the standings, while the OBC may see his team rise over the next month just out of sheer craftiness alone.

What is the worst coaching mistake you’ve seen this season?

I don’t think the biggest mistake was a specific decision or play. It has to be Michigan's defeat at the hands of Appy State. How does LLLLLoyd have 8 months to prepare for a 1-AA FCS team and still lose? This is easily the biggest coaching mistake of the season or the past 10 seasons for that matter. Carr and the Wolverines could not recover the following week and just like that, their dream of a national title was gone.