BlogPoll Ballot: Week 6

By Jason Priestas on October 8, 2007 at 7:00 am

For the 2nd week in a row, this poll was more work putting together than we ever could have imagined. Four of the top 10 in the previous poll took one on the chin and overall 10 of the top 25 teams went down.

It's no secret that we're pretty big playoff advocates and 2007 is shaping up to be the perfect storm of fan-rioting madness. We're only at the halfway point of the season and there are only 3 or 4 undefeated teams remaining that can make a claim to going to the championship game over one of the one-loss squads should they win out. Imagine if LSU, Cal and OSU all manage to lose a game. The outcry would be defeaning if the nation was treated to something along the lines of Boston College against Cincinnati for all the marbles.

At the very least, this season should be a strong argument for the BlogPoll and the other polls to take the lead of the Master Coaches Poll and start the voting for the year in week 3. If polls had done that, would USC still be a #10 or so in most of them?

As always, you can check the ballots of every voter and the final version is due Wednesday morning, so get your thoughts in by Tuesday night if you think we got it wrong.

1 LSU We've been on the wagon since week 2. Miles not only has talented players, but he out-coached Meyer. --
2 Ohio State The Purdue game was overshadowed by the LSU/Florida tilt, but Buckeye fans are believing this team is better than the 2006 edition. UP2
3 Cal A bye is better than a loss, but Bears get jumped because of it. --
4 Oklahoma Stoops continued mastery of Mack Brown when a certain guy with the initials "VY" is not involved. UP2
5 South Florida It's 2007. Just win baby. UP2
6 Boston College See above. UP2
7 Oregon Had the week off and welcome Washington State to town this weekend - the perfect tonic for the heartbreaking loss to Cal. UP5
8 South Carolina The OBC just bought back in at the halfway point. Watchout. UP6
9 West Virginia Is Pat White going to make it to the end of the season? UP2
10 USC Thank you, MSM, for telling us how great these guys were all summer. DOWN8
11 Missouri The Tigers spanked Nebraska. Who'd have thought the Oklahoma-Missouri game this weekend would be so huge. UP2
12 Virginia Tech Absolutely spanked Clemson at their place and maybe that win over UNC last weekend was bigger than we thought. UP4
13 Florida The Gators catch a bye this week, but they go to Kentucky and Georgia right after that. Repeating is a bitch. DOWN3
14 Cincinnati The Fanhouse said it best: This Year's Rutgers Beats Rutgers. Ohio football representing. UP3
15 Arizona State Psst! These guys beat Stanford 41-3. UP3
16 Hawaii Another BCS trouble team. Lurking with no real tests in sight. UP3
17 Illinois Zooker is the new Tyrone Willingham. What I would not give to see this Illini team wax Florida in a bowl game. NR
18 Kansas Heading into week 7 and Kansas has joined Missouri as the only two unbeatens in the Big 12. NR
19 Kentucky Came crashing back down to earth against South Carolina. LSU visits this week. DOWN10
20 Florida State Dag Gummit.. FSU is quietly 5-1. NR
21 Virginia They've turned it around since the Wyoming debacle in the opener, but must face a surprising UCONN this weekend. NR
22 Wisconsin The Big Ten is finding out that the Badgers were a little overrated heading into the season. DOWN17
23 Texas A&M We have no idea if these guys are actually any good, but at the moment they're 5-1 with a good shot to be 7-1 before playing Kansas. NR
24 Tennessee Another team we have no real read on, but damn if they didn't look great dismantling Georgia. NR
25 Purdue The good news is that the defenses will be considerably easier from here on out. DOWN4

DROPPED OUT: Georgia (#15), Rutgers (#20), Miami (Florida) (#22), Kansas State (#23), Texas (#24), Michigan State (#25)