11W Mix Tape: Terrell Pryor Lottery Edition

By Jason Priestas on October 24, 2007 at 7:00 am
11W Mix Tape

Get Your Hopes Up for Pryor Time
The Horseshoe a quote from Duane Long, a Bucknuts recruiting analyst regarding mega recruit Terrelle Pryor:

“Terrelle Pryor looks like a done deal for Ohio State. Pryor likes the [Ohio State] offense. He looks at what Troy Smith did in it, and he knows he can do the same thing. ‘Shocked’ is the word I would use if he goes anywhere else.”

Read into where Duane collects his paychecks as you see fit, but Dennis at The Horseshoe makes a great point if what is being said is even remotely accurate:

Pryor has scheduled his first official visit, and he picked Columbus as his destination for it. The visit is scheduled for the weekend of the Wisconsin game – something for Buckeye fans to keep in mind. A big win, and a dominant showing by the Buckeyes against the Badgers could seal the deal for Pryor – and of course a rowdy 105,000+ wouldn’t hurt the cause either.

If you're going to the Badger game, get loud.

The Return of Subcommandante Wayne
EDSBS is back with a post from Subcommandante Wayne, supreme Buckeye fan and trash-talker extraordinaire. This, folks, is the modern caricature of a Buckeye fan:

Too strong. Too long. Down to get some friction on. That’s Ohio State, which rhymes with hate.

Writing like this is what makes EDSBS the best college football blog out there, although it would be a little funnier if Gator fan didn't go all merc on their own recently.

Have You Heard That the SEC is Pretty Good?
The M Zone is the latest to take a closer look at the perceived notion of SEC superiority this season:

Fact is, the SEC has a whopping one out-of-conference victory over a team currently ranked in the top 25: LSU's defeat of Virginia Tech. That's it. One.

Because of the Buckeye blowout and some very vocal coaches, the SEC has everyone charmed right now. The good news is the other conferences will get a chance invalidate this belief.