11W Mix Tape: Quick Healer Edition

By Jason Priestas on October 2, 2007 at 11:38 pm
11 Mix Tape

Saine Back for Purdue?
In his weekly press luncheon, the Vest indicated that Brandon Saine could see action this Saturday against Purdue. Saine, of course, had his knee scoped the Friday before the Northwestern game. Initially thought to have been out for three weeks, Saine could be returning to the field in as little as 15 days.

His explosiveness and play making ability would greatly help OSU's chances against the Boilers, but at the rate this offense is coming along, they'd be in good shape without him as well. Still though, how scary does Ray Small and Brandon Saine back for kick returns sound?

Elsewhere on the injury front, corenerback Andre Amos has been given the green light to play again. Amos is coming back from a nasty ACL tear and ATO explains why his return to the lineup is a good thing.

You're Gonna Be Rich Kid
Speaking of Small, Mel Kiper is developing a serious man-crush [$] on the guy:

"All I can tell you is that there aren't many DBs who can run with this kid. He possesses the type of skill level that could ultimately make him one of the more dangerous offensive weapons in the country."

It's nice to see small delivering on the field after a couple of seasons of "Watch out for him someday". The Ghost tag revoked.

Braylon's No Dummy
Braylon Edwards is catching some flak for busting out into the "O-H-I-O" cheer during the Browns victory over the Ravens Sunday. Edwards was simply connecting with his new fan base and ultimately in a huge fish-chain kind of way, his employers. Smart move. Still he moved to provide a little cover for himself:

"I was definitely doing it. This is Ohio. This is my residence. This is where I play football. This is where I earn my paycheck. This is the city I've adopted and the one that has adopted me. I don't mind doing O-H-I-O. I don't believe it just pertains to Ohio State. Cleveland is in Ohio."

Whatever. Just keep doing it because Ohioans love it. Seriously - ever been to a wedding in Ohio where it wasn't played at the reception?

Keeping with the Wolverines, the guys at We Suck at Sports have put together an online petition to keep the current coaching staff at Michigan. I'm not sure how much pull it will have, but it's a noble effort, nonetheless.