Wilson's Tibia Is One Again

By Jason Priestas on September 3, 2007 at 12:45 am
Lawrence WilsonSee you soon

Lawrence Wilson had successful surgery earlier Sunday on the fracture in his right shin bone that he suffered in the 2nd quarter of the Buckeyes opener against Youngstown State. The break was clean and only involved one bone making the prognosis so good that his father thinks he'll be back in time for the Wisconsin game on November 3rd. Eugene Wilson told the Plain Dealer that there was even a chance of a return in six weeks:

"If it's good, it's six, if it lingers, it's eight. We're hoping by Wisconsin."

That's great news for Buckeye fans. I'm sure his father has a good case of optimism going, but to think the Bucks could have Wilson's services back after even 8 weeks is incredible, especially considering.. well, he broke his leg. Chris touched on how he knew it was a serious injury because of the way Wilson was writhing on the ground in agony, but can you imagine how painful breaking your shin bone must be? I once had a baseball hit me in the shin and started seeing a fuzzy white light at the end of a tunnel. Godspeed Lawrence Wilson, godspeed.