BlogPoll Ballot: Week 2

By Jason Priestas on September 10, 2007 at 11:00 am

After two weekends of football, we're starting to find out more about the schools. For instance, we know that Virginia Tech was probably a little overrated, Oklahoma and LSU look awfully sharp and we also know that Lloyd Carr is going to be one grumpy son-of-a-bitch for the next ten weeks.

There's a new king on our ballot as LSU's spanking of Virginia Tech gives them just enough to pass USC, who had the week off. There's an interesting discussion going on right now in Wolverine-land in regards to Les Miles' suitability as the next coach of the team. Miles, a former Wolverine is either one helluva coach or very adept at utilizing the talent of predecessors.

Oklahoma is another team that impressed. Sure, Miami is still a little down, but that Miami team would handle Akron. Just one week earlier the Canes beat down the same Marshall team that gave WVU fits for the first three quarters on Saturday.

The rest of the poll follows, but we wanted to point out that we added a poll widget to the sidebar over their to the right. Disregard the title (Brian's 2 weeks ahead of us because of the two preseason polls), but this widget will be updated weekly every Wednesday afternoon or so once all of the ballots are tabulated.

As always, you can check the ballots of every voter and the final version is due Wednesday morning, so get your thoughts in by Tuesday night if you think we got it wrong.

1 LSU Va Tech may not have been a true 12, but the Tigers are L-O-A-D-E-D. UP1
2 USC We've only seen one game (two weeks ago) and it wasn't enough to keep the Trojans at the top. Nebraska comes to town. DOWN1
3 Oklahoma The Miami win was the most impressive victory of the weekend. UP2
4 Florida Some problems on D, but Tebow is the real deal. --
5 West Virginia Marshall was within 4 going into the 4th quarter. DOWN2
6 Texas It was close for a while, but the Horns throttled TCU. UP4
7 Cal 6 points over Colorado State isn't as impressive as the week before, but they got the "W". UP2
8 Ohio State The defense looks NASTY, but will the offense get their act together before Saturday? UP2
9 Wisconsin Take a drop for the nail-biter @ UNLV. Every other season an overmatched foe gives the Badgers fits. DOWN3
10 Louisville The offense is amazing, but giving up 42 to Middle Tennessee? DOWN3
11 UCLA Stopped BYU's winning streak at 11. The PAC10 has had a strong showing so far in '07. UP2
12 Penn State Defense pitched a shutout and got their licks in on Clausen. UP3
13 Rutgers 3 more touchdowns for Rice and another "W" for Schiano. UP1
14 Nebraska Good quality win on the road at Wake Forest. Keller had 258. UP5
15 South Carolina I guess the OBC's "whole bunch of lineup changes" did the trick as the Cocks leave Athens victorious. UP8
16 Arkansas Had the week off, but head into Bear Saban's den this weekend. UP4
17 Washington Stopped the nation's longest winning streak and are a much improved 2-0. NR
18 Oregon Dennis Dixon now owns 5 parking lots and 2 restaurants in Ann Arbor. NR
19 Alabama Good solid 24-10 victory at Vandy. Bear Saban takes on the Nutt this weekend. UP2
20 Virginia Tech Talent was really exposed against LSU. May do something in the ACC, but... DOWN9
21 Georgia Tech The Rashard Choice Express keeps on rolling into the BC matchup. UP4
22 Missouri Daniel had 330 in solid road win at Ole Miss. UP2
23 Tennessee Fulmer gets his first victory over Southern Miss and looks forward to Herban owning him again. DOWN5
24 South Florida SEC BITCHES. NR
25 Hawaii We're this close to cutting Hawaii lose from the Ballot. DOWN3

DROPPED OUT: Georgia (#12), Auburn (#16), Boise State (#17)