Lloyd Carr Wants Punched

By Jason Priestas on May 15, 2007 at 9:00 pm
Russell Crowe - Fightin’ Around the World

Being the head football coach at a major university can bring all kinds of perks and opportunities that you and I will never get to experience. For Michigan coach Lloyd Carr, that includes meeting Russell Crowe. Evidently the brawling Aussie had learned that Carr used Cinderalla Man (unsuccessfully) to motivate his players and called Carr. The two soon struck up a friendship and Carr traveled to Australia last week to watch Crowe's rugby team play.

Carr came away really impressed as he's not familiar with physical, hard-hitting contact sports. Meanwhile, Buckeye Nation waits eagerly for the night the two enjoy one too many cocktails and Lloyd ends up at the hospital as a result of a "fall".