Taxes Schmaxes

By Chris Lauderback on April 17, 2007 at 10:42 pm
180px-peteroseattitude3.jpgI report $0 memorabilia income!

In honor of Tax Day, thewadeblogs examines the Top 10 Sports Star Tax Evaders. The visual of Daryl Strawberry's 1040 is especially good. Personally, I just hope Tressel avoids tax troubles if he forgets to inform the government of his ownership of Lloyd Carr. (via Deadspin)

In non-sports tax news, that dude who started the Girls Gone Wild videos is facing tax evasion charges. According to ABC News, Joe Francis makes $25 mil a year (11W format switch in the works?) but still felt the need to not so sneakily move his money to offshore accounts hoping to hide earned income a few years back. To ice the cake, his biz partner was arrested for sneaking prescription meds into the jailhouse. I guess maybe we'll just stick to Buckeye sports after all. Sounds a little more stable although a gazillion times less lucrative.