Rick Majerus Returns To Competitive Eating

By Chris Lauderback on April 28, 2007 at 1:57 am
syruptap.jpgI spy a good place for a syrup tap...

Oh, wait...my biscuit. I meant to say Rick Majerus has taken the hoops job at St. Louis, derailing a stellar career as the hooptiest expert analyst to ever appear on the Worldwide Leader. The svelte Majerus took a three year sabbatical to focus on carb intake and ESPN growth and development classes such as Communication of the Obvious and Stroke the Coach 101. Contract terms were not disclosed but speculation is that Thick Rick's compensation package includes a gingerbread house and a pool filled with sausage gravy. In all seriousness, Majerus is a popular guy amongst his coaching peers and college basketball is much better off with him on the sidelines versus TV.

On the Buckeye front, Jamar Butler's pop says JB will stay at Ohio State for his senior season. As reported by Keith at Buckeye Commentary, the previous Dispatch article indicating Butler would enter his name in the draft appears to have been gun-jumping on a level that only 11W can appreciate. Butler will be back to join a possible starting group including Cook, Lighty, Koufos, and Hunter.