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By Jason Priestas on March 1, 2007 at 4:15 pm
11W Mix Tape

Mandel Loves Him Some Smith
Add SI's Stewart Mandel to the list of Troy Smith supporters:

But now it seems that Smith is being lumped in with the Gino Torretta/Chris Weinke/Eric Crouch/Jason White class of Heisman-winning quarterbacks, destined to flame out at the next level. Here's the thing. Torretta was barely a top-20 passer his senior year. Weinke was 87 years old. Crouch ran the option. White had no functioning knees. About the only thing Smith has in common with those guys is the trophy they won.

One of the best college scribes joins his colleague Peter King in thinking that some lucky team will be getting a bargain if Smith falls too far in the draft. All I know is that if Seneca Wallace is pulling an NFL paycheck.. I'm just sayin'..

Lavin is Pretty Horny These Days
As previously discussed around these parts, Steve Lavin is either already tapping Erin Andrews or wants to in a big way. Let him explain.

Brady Quinn Pulling Out All of the Stops
Concerned with his falling draft stock, Brady Quinn has now resorted to this.